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They won the Academy Award for Science this year

They won the Academy Award for Science this year

Five research groups will receive the Breakthrough Prize for outstanding achievements in the life sciences, physics and mathematics in 2023, MTI reports. The Breakthrough Award Foundation presented the winners Thursday in New York, and each group of experts won $3 million with recognition. Three awards are given to researchers working in the fields of life sciences and one each for physics and mathematics.

He worked in Dresden for his fundamental discoveries about cell function Anthony Heyman British and American scientist Clifford Brangwyn, a Princeton University Fellow who won the award. The experts recognized that cellular infrastructure, genetic regulation, and other processes sometimes occur as a result of the rapid formation of liquid droplets between cells.

This discovery could revolutionize the treatment of some degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s

Co-founder of DeepMind, Demis Hasbis And one of the company’s researchers, John Jumper Also awarded. They developed the AlphaFold software, which can be used to calculate the 3D structure of proteins with high accuracy. According to the foundation, the software shortens the time to determine the structure of a protein from months or years to hours or minutes.

Another Life Science Award Winner from Japan Masashi Ganagisava and the French Emmanuel Minot. The two researchers, working independently, found one of the main causes of the development of narcolepsy, which helped develop a treatment for the disorder.

Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

Daniel Spielman, a mathematician at Yale University, received a $3 million prize for his discoveries in computer science and mathematics. four experts, Charles BennettAnd the Jill BrassardAnd the Peter Schur And the David Deutsch Co-recognize the discovery of the fundamental physical knowledge that is the basis of quantum computing.

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The Breakthrough Award, also referred to as the Silicon Valley and Science Oscar, has been awarded since 2013. He was among the previous winners Stephen Hawking Physicist Team Eseményhorizont Távcső running Katalin Kariko.

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