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They will definitely be there III. At the coronation of Charles

They will definitely be there III.  At the coronation of Charles

They reward charity with an invitation

In Great Britain, Invitations III. On the occasion of the upcoming coronation of King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla. The list of invitees also includes a large number of members of the civilian population.

An army of 2,000 guests is expected to attend the May 6 ceremony, 850 of whom have been invited as a reward for their charitable activities.

The residents chosen by the royal family exclaimed with joy. And a British couple, Julian and Maria Stude Morton, spoke about it British Public Service BBCThey thought it was a scam when they received the invitation. When they realized they could actually be there for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, they broke down in tears.

“I can’t even describe what I felt, it was all so unexpected,” said Julien. The couple has earned recognition for creating a network during the coronavirus pandemic that connected wholesalers struggling to stay afloat with families unable to get to stores.

In addition to the people invited for their charitable activities, some guests have been drawn from emergency services such as the Ambulance Service or the Civil Guard, and members of the Scout Association may also be in attendance.

Invitees will have the opportunity to represent their community at a defining moment in our history

– said conservative politician James Dowden.

The official guest list is not complete yet

At the coronation of the royal couple, it is likely that members of the British royal family will occupy the front rows, but it is still questionable whether the third. Will Charles’ youngest son, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, also flew in from the US to the event. The relationship between the princely couple, who have given up their official activities, and the rest of the family has been strained since the publication of the Harry Spear book and the Netflix series depicting the couple’s life.

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What is certain is that among the foreign leaders, Andrzej Duda, President of Poland, and Ferdinand Marcos Jr., President of the Philippines, have already accepted the invitation to the coronation.

As our paper also wrote, Joe Biden will not be present at the May 6th event. According to the court filing on Wednesday, the US president had personally spoken to the king on the phone the day before and informed him that his wife, Jill Biden, was traveling on his behalf to attend the ceremony in London.

According to a report by the British conservative newspaper Telepgraph, only twenty members of parliament can be present at the coronation site, and this list is not yet public. Hamza Yusuf, the recently elected First Minister of Scotland who is Muslim and of Pakistani origin, is already known for his presence in Westminster Abbey. In the spirit of religious diversity iii. Karolyi, the head of the Anglican Church, is also expecting the UK’s chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, to attend the historic ceremony.

On Wednesday, Buckingham Palace presented to the public the official invitation, whose drawings feature nature as a key motif. According to information, all this symbolizes spring, the celebration of rebirth and the beginning of the new king’s reign. The court confirmed that the invitations were printed on recycled paper.

Nature is a theme in the coronation invitation. Image: MTI/EPA/Buckingham Palace

Banknotes depicting the king are already being printed

In the meantime, they also began producing banknotes that III. Charles portrays. The king’s image will also appear on the five, ten, twenty and fifty pound notes. The new funds are expected to be in circulation from mid-2024 and will gradually replace the old cash. In the UK, they will be able to continue to use those banknotes that II. There are personal portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth until they are sold out.

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Third.  Charles
Third, new stamps are issued. With a portrait of British King Charles in the UK Photo: Ken Cheung

Cover photo: Posted by Buckingham Palace on April 4, 2023, taken in the Blue Room of Buckingham Palace, the royal residence in London 3. About British King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla. The photo was taken to mark the King’s coronation on May 6, 2023. (Photo: MTI/EPA/Buckingham Palace/Hugo Burnand)

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