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They will be the judges for the Megastar's comeback

They will be the judges for the Megastar's comeback

This time, he will play an important role as a member of the Megastar jury Ferenc Molnar for caramel.

It means a lot to me that he's going to be a star again. Those born when I started are now twenty years old, one generation older.

To this day, when they write about us, they always mention that we are discovered stars, and the brand has merged with our name. This show changed my life and changed Hungarian light music. I took up the task because I am attached to the show, it is important for me that the Megastar's story continues, I feel responsible for that. There is no other format in the current range of Hungarian television that I would have accepted. “Here I can be who I am,” added Ferenc Molnar Caramel, winner of the second series.

Caramel also returns to Megastar
Photo: TV2

The judges also include former member of Supernem, Father Zabi Who is as excited as the competitors.

I've always loved challenges. She did appear in a music show on TV2, but it was exclusively for entertainment.

I take Megastar more seriously than I do, because it's a talent show, where you have to guide or advise the participants in such a way that they learn from it. Maybe I have enough routines that I'll be able to open up to those people who are still unsure, and don't know how to approach it. Obviously, today's world is all about how anyone can explode in a minute if they have the potential. Our task is to sum the field in which we see the ratio. “I think I'm as nervous as artists,” Zabi Pap said with a laugh.

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The fifth jury member, none other than the leader of Halot Beans, will also be looking for talent. David Marshallko.

I have never attended a similar show in recent years, and there are several reasons for that.

I feel like I'm at a point in my life now where I really want to give back, because I've received so much from the music and the audience and I want to help the new generation. Megastar is closer to me than any other TV format. As a member of the jury, I will be looking for authenticity, honesty, personality and, most importantly, singability and relatability. “I admit that we move quite comfortably with others, we have a common song with many of them, I have known and respected everyone for a very long time and this will be a great basis for joint professional work,” David Marsalko shared thoughts.

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