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They were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

They were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

On Saturday night, the third live show of the new season of Dancing with the Stars was held on TV2, where only eight couples competed against each other: this time, everyone conveyed a personal message through their dance, and there was almost no contestant who did not cry in the evening apart from Cameras.

The third broadcast of “Dancing with the Stars” this year was subtitled “More Than Dancing,” and the stars shared a personal message and a secret during the show.

Ramona Lekay-Kiss and Andras Stoll, hosts of Dance with Strass. Click on the image, gallery opens!Photo: Attila Poliak – Origo

The stars and their professional dance partners performed and received the following scores from the judges: Nora Ordug, Vajek Sinti and Tamas Goronics.

  • Betty Marix and Alexandra Stana, hip-hop – 25 points
  • Linda Kiraly and Andras Suti, Cha Cha Cha – 22 points
  • Donatella Hunyadi and Denis Buddy Rumba – 21 points
  • Katica Tsoti and Toth, PasoDouble – 24 points
  • Gabor Krocs and Anna Meeks, samba – 23 points
  • Gigi Radix and David Baraña, waltz – 23 points
  • Eniko Eszeni and Percy Heggis, Tango – 24 points
  • T. Danny and Laura Lisak, Jeff – 27 points
Jury members: Szenti Vajk, Nora Ordog, and Tamas Goronics. Click on the image, gallery opens!Photo: Attila Poliak – Origo

According to the jury, first place was taken by T. Danny and Laura Lissák, who liked this production the most, and also received 9 points from Nóra Ördög, Vajk Szente and Tamas Juronics. However, the final ranking was also influenced by the votes of the viewers, and with them the score was shaped at the end of the evening.

Betty Marex and Alexandra StanaPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo
Linda Kiraly and Andras SutiPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo
Donatella Hunyadi and Dennis BodyPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo
Csuti András Szabó and Katica TóthPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo
Gabor Krausz and Anna MeeksPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo

There were three of them in the danger zone

After converting the votes of the jury and audience into competition points, Eniko Eszeni, Bertalan Hegges, Donatella Hunyadi, Denis Bodi, Linda Kiraly and Andras Sutti were placed in the danger zone, i.e. in the last three places.

The jury’s task was not easy, according to Szente Vajk, this Saturday was rewarding, and each couple must maintain that “their production is always more than just a dance”, and at the end of his speech he said that he would save Linda Kiraly. Tamas Goronics told fellow judge how important viewers’ opinions are, and he was going to save Donatella Hunyadi from elimination this evening.

In the end, Nora Ordog had to make the decision, and she said so Király Linda can continue competing.

Gigi Radix and David BarañaPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo
Eneko Eszeni and Bertalan HeggesPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo
T. Danny and Laura LisakPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo

At the end of the evening, viewers could vote within two minutes, deciding whether they wanted to see Eniko Eszeni, Bertalan Hegges, Donatella Hunyadi or her partner next week.

At the end of the show, one couple remained in the danger zone. Click on the image, gallery opens!Photo: Attila Poliak – Origo

Donatella Hunyadi and Dénes Bődi escaped from the danger zone and will dance in the fourth live broadcast, and Enikő Eszenyi bid farewell to the TV2 program with one last dance.

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