They were angry with Romanian TV for fraud at Eurovision

They were angry with Romanian TV for fraud at Eurovision

As we previously wrote, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced that six national juries have been removed from Eurovision 2022, i.e. Their votes are not taken into accountor assembled.

Romania was also among the six countries that the jury reported as giving the highest score to the Zdob si Zdub group representing the Republic of Moldova. Romanian television responded to the scandal on Sunday afternoon, saying representatives of Romania were “surprised” to find that the result of the Romanian jury vote was not taken into account when calculating the final standings.

Romanian TV claims that the Romanian jury decided to give Moldova deputies the highest marks and accuses the European Broadcasting Union of

Neither the members of the jury nor the representatives of TVR were informed of the suspicion of the Romanian vote, which is completely unacceptable, the rules were changed during the match.

According to the Romanians, they were neither informed of any abuse nor given the opportunity to respond to the allegations. Moreover, they claim that their informant on site was silenced, and was not given the opportunity to check in live.

According to them, during the vote of the national jury, the person responsible for TVR’s communications with the EBU noticed a discrepancy between the scores sent to the jury the day before and the figures announced by the EBU during the event. However, presenter Ida Marcus was not allowed to enter the official broadcast to announce the results. However, TVR’s voting person attended two conference calls with the organizers to learn the reading rules. TVR added that he was also involved in trying to convey the results of the jury without informing him of any doubts or the organizer’s intention to change the vote of the Romanian jury.

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