They went to King Linda to get cabbage - Metropol

They went to King Linda to get cabbage – Metropol

The singer thought she’d have to fight in the store

There are only a few hours left until Christmas, but many go to the stores even at the last minute to get everything for the holiday menu. ribbon King Linda He was always trying to shop before the big game, and the purple cabbage was still missing – he had to fight for it. Linda was going to the exit area with the vegetables when a lady suddenly approached her and tried to take the item out of her hand.

“Everything is crazy about Christmas now,” Borsnack the singer. “I took another cabbage off the table and put it in my hand.” A lady approached me and specifically tried to take her from me. I told him not to get angry, but he is already in my hands and I want to buy it. At the time he told me that, but he also needed it. You have echoed me too. What can I say about it? It was surreal. At first I got shocked, but then I had a great time with it all and I won Linda brought our events back to life, adding with her laughter that she felt a little new in America, where people could fight to get something desirable.

King Linda
Photography: Mateh Kristian (MK)

I swear, I felt like I was in the Bronx again: I gather my hair together, and take out the earrings because this lady wants to fight for the purple cabbage. Anyway, I’ve been to this before, I’ve seen many fights in stores. King Linda added that it was just strange to try this at home.

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