They wanted to kill Barbara Konta

They wanted to kill Barbara Konta

The boy had previously set a car on fire and obtained a pistol.

In February 2002, the fifteenth. A couple, between the ages of 40 and 50, showed up at the district police headquarters and filed a complaint against their son. As it was said, the boy chased his son Kunta Barbara in vain with his love and could not accept that he would not receive a response to his letters. The parents said that the frustrated boy came to the conclusion that if the actress was not for her, then he would have no one else, and he threw it on paper. The parents found this threatening message, they were afraid of it. Afraid that it will happen. He prepares Barbara and attacks her.”

Barbara’s account many years agotv2

The parents said that the boy had previously set fire to the car of an angry man, then the investigation revealed that the actress was also harassed: it was she who blew up the right side of the actress’s car with black paint in June 2001 and then thereafter. Car wheel puncture after a few weeks. During a house search, in addition to strange correspondence in the boy’s room, several knives and a 9mm floating pistol with 20 rounds were found, which a friend of the man bought for 11,500 forints in a store in Rákóczi út. Blake.

The boy and his testimony were taken, but it turned out that he could not be counted. Although a warrant was issued for his detention, he was also examined at the Institute of Probation and Judicial Healing. He was diagnosed with symptoms of mental retardation and therefore required treatment.

You can read more about Barbara’s account below the article.

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