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They want to stop speeders in a French village by drawing a strange route

They want to stop speeders in a French village by drawing a strange route

Let’s say, at first, that the solution doesn’t seem very secure.

A particularly dangerous solution was chosen to reduce speed in a French village, where instead of the usual painting, busy road sections are decorated with interlocking lines – He writes LADbible. And so, in the quiet village of Bonny, near Angers in northwest France, the lines covering the roads are more reminiscent of Art Nouveau than road signs.

The village administration believes that the special road paint will make even the most petrol-intensive drivers hit the brakes instead of the gas.

This innovation was introduced because the locals were disturbed by the fact that motorists passing through the village often break the speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour.

Audrey Rivero The city’s mayor told a French newspaper that locals hoped the road would be “an eyesore” and force people to slow down. Crazy Signals is currently being tested, and authorities are waiting to see how effective it is.

But the strange innovation was introduced not only in the village, but also in the entire small area that unites the seven settlements.

People drive fast and it is difficult to force them to slow down and follow road signs

– Tell Jean Charles BrunoThe mayor of the Loire region, Authion, told Euronews that they chose this alternative solution rather than lying to the police because locals thought that lying to the police would have been loud.

However, it seems that the new look of the road is already causing a headache for the locals. For example, one villager complained on Facebook that the new painting made him feel “seasick”.

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