They want to provide a billion vaccines to countries in need

Epidemic management, especially vaccine production and vaccine distribution, is one of the main topics of the three-day G7 summit. The world’s seven leading industrial powers want to provide at least a billion doses of vaccines to smaller and poor countries. The M1 newsletter said there are areas where vaccination remains 1 percent or less, which could lead to the development of local virus variants and mutations, making the rest of the world unsafe.

Representatives of the world’s seven largest advanced economies are meeting again after two years of absence. In addition to the European Union, South Korea, South Africa and Australia have also been invited to the meeting this year, and India will follow the events online. It is planned that the G7 will distribute about one billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine among the countries in need.

US President Joe Biden, who arrived in the UK on Thursday, announced that half of the food rations will be provided by the United States.

The United States buys half a billion doses of the Pfizer vaccine, distributing it to nearly a hundred countries in dire need.

The US President said this is a historic step, the largest purchase and donation of vaccines for the coronavirus pandemic, and promised that the vaccines will start shipping in August.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in his introduction, I think people in countries around the world want us to focus on recovering from the pandemic as quickly as possible and ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.

However, he also stressed that this is only possible if a large part of the total world population is immunized by the end of 2022. To this end, Britain is donating hundreds of millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

of its own surplus next year. Among them, five million doses will be delivered in the coming weeks to the countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Johnson will ask member states at the G7 summit to follow Britain’s lead.

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Meanwhile, some concerns cast a shadow over the G7 meeting behind closed doors. And not far from the venue, British authorities closed a temporary hotel on Thursday after some guests, including security personnel from the German delegation and several American journalists, tested positive for the coronavirus. On Friday, one police officer who led the summit also tested positive for the virus, and he and 12 other police officers were quarantined as callers.

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