They survey small ponds in the country

They survey small ponds in the country

On a project called My Lake, the Eötvös Loránd Research Network told MTI on Monday that a survey of small garden ponds with the participation of residents, including DNA-based methods, is planned.

As a first step, residents who have their own garden pond are asked to complete a questionnaire. I would like to know the density of these habitats in Hungary and what are their most basic characteristics. Similar surveys in the UK previously found that every tenth house has a garden with a small pond that provides a home for a number of native organisms.

However, small lakes not only increase the local biodiversity, but also provide many other benefits to gardeners. Thus, for example, it can greatly reduce the so-called urban heat island effect when heat is trapped in densely built areas. In such places, it has been proven that a small lake is able to reduce the temperature of its immediate surroundings by up to several degrees.

At the same time, not only in Hungary, but also in the surrounding area, there was no such survey before, so researchers can only guess how many similar local habitats and their role in maintaining biodiversity.

Next year researchers aim to use populations to assess the biodiversity of these habitats, including using state-of-the-art DNA-based methods, and to find links between habitat management and density and their role in biodiversity conservation.

referendum by clicking here Available. In exchange for their help, lake owners will also get a full list of the species that live in their garden ponds and data on hydrochemical variables — nutrients and pollutants — so they can get to know their lakes better.

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Based on the results obtained, the researchers will develop a series of simple proposals, from which they will compile a set of best practices for gardeners who want to contribute to the conservation of aquatic life as effectively as possible.

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