They still haven't given up on the seemingly superfluous Aladdin story in the world

They still haven’t given up on the seemingly superfluous Aladdin story in the world

Directed by Guy Ritchie, Aladdin is enriching a more successful lineup of live action novel adaptations of Disney’s ever-growing shows, and with revenues of more than a billion dollars worldwide, there was no doubt for a minute that we’d get a sequel to it.

Shortly after the announcement of the second part, another news came: a secondary movie will be shot for it, which will debut live on Disney + and will focus on Prince Anders. If you may not remember who Prince Anders is: he is one of the suitors Jasmine, who was rejected by the future Sultan …

The character was played by Billy Magnussen, and we wouldn’t say it would have been remembered…but at least his name didn’t jump out the first time we were given the task of making a minor movie for Aladdin, because there were some actors that seemed more interesting. Additionally, Prince Anders is pretty much the only white character in the entire story, and some have criticized Disney’s decision to have a separate movie.

There hasn’t been much talk about the spin-off announced in December 2019 since then, so we can rightfully believe the endeavor is dead, but now, just over two years after the movie’s plan was announced, No Time to Die has been released. On DVD and Blu-ray axles Billy Magnussen confirmed that the film is still in the works.

Unfortunately, the actor refused to reveal more than a couple of short sentences and a teasing laugh, but perhaps the “good news” about Christmas will be enough for fans of Aladdin.

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