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They sold the PlayStation 5 development kit with a very clever trick!

They sold the PlayStation 5 development kit with a very clever trick!

At first, the dev kit will not be shown in the picture, but what is around it (and partly on it), and the name is also very fancy!

Consolevariations tweeted that some of Sony’s internal hardware has been leaked because someone made a lot of money selling a PlayStation 5 kit. How much did the customer pay for it? $6,000, or more than 2 million forints! The seller beat the algorithm by playing on the V-shaped notch (we actually saw this in 2019, because that’s when the devkit came online) and calling it PlayStation Pizza Kit or PizzaStation, and placing some Mireli pizza boxes around it.

The dev kit is not usually created for the average user (after all, it is not called a dev kit by chance), but in 2022, we already get a small insight into the functionality that is not available in the store version. A developer account is also required for full functionality, and is usually associated with the hardware used, so Sony's device cannot be fully used.

The question now is when will we see the PlayStation 5 Pro and its development tools? In principle, this time Sony will come with a half-generation hardware update, as happened in the case of the PlayStation 4 Pro (and the Xbox One X came from Microsoft). According to rumors, the PlayStation 5 Pro will try to show better performance with slightly more powerful specifications, better ray tracing performance, and PlayStation Spectral Supersolution PSSR upscaling technology. This console is rumored to be released at the end of 2024, perhaps in the first few months of 2025 (presumably by the end of March, since the working year lasts until then).

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According to rumors, Sony is planning a PlayStation Showcase in September (i.e. bigger than State of Play), and that's where the PlayStation 5 Pro will be revealed. How much will it be available for purchase?

source: WCCFTech

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