Months ago, Vezess reported on Ford’s plan, according to which the American brand set itself a goal no less steep than setting a new record on Pikes Peak.

The muscle van with traces of the Transit Custom’s underpinnings has since undergone a major makeover, thus earning the name SuperVan 4.2. In addition to the usual grinding, it was a significant achievement that it was possible to cut about 400 kilograms from the mass of the Ford, but it still weighed more than 2 tons.

They set a record at Pikes Peak with their Serious Tuning Truck 2

However, the engineers not only reduced kilograms, but also – unusually – reduced horsepower, so the three-motor propulsion technology that had previously been around 2,000 hp could now produce “only” 1,400 hp.

The 101st Pikes Peak race was held recently on the non-classic asphalt track in Colorado Springs (USA), where Ford debuted its turbo-electric Transit. Before that, Ford had only six weeks to prepare, because during the tests, not everything went as planned with the improved truck: the SuperVan 4.2 gearbox was damaged during the test run, so they had to modify it during the official event.

They broke the record at Pikes Peak with a serious tuning truck

Photo: Ford

They set a Pikes Peak record with a serious tune-up truck on the 13th

Photo: Ford

However, months of hard work still paid off. If Romain Dumas and Volkswagen ID. The R was not dangerous even on his sub-8-minute lap, improving the previous best in class by 37 seconds: he completed the 20 km in a time of 8:47.682.

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