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They said no to the Russian vaccine in the countries of the region

They said no to the Russian vaccine in the countries of the region

Hungary and Serbia do not have sufficient documents about Russian and Chinese vaccinations, it became clear after the trip of the Czech prime minister to Budapest and Belgrade. The Czechs had previously considered buying a Russian vaccine, but after a trip to Budapest, the topic is short-lived: if there is no document, there is no consent. And in Slovakia, the government has also decided not to negotiate the acquisition of Sputnik V for the time being.

Epidemiologist Roman Primula and the advisor to the Czech prime minister have not met with enough data for the Czech Republic to approve the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in Hungary nor in Serbia. The consultant was quoted as saying, “In the absence of information, we cannot use the vaccine.” Transparency, Who spoke on the PRIMA news program on CNN.

“The Hungarians and the Serbs have all the data, but they don’t yet have the quantities to evaluate the EMA and this is a problem for me, which means that the vaccine cannot be used without them. Nobody in the Czech Republic wants to use a vaccine that they don’t know,” Primula explained. He added that if he did not get any data on Sputnik later, he would be out of the game about the Chinese vaccine, and the approval process had already begun.

Currently, Hungary is the only member state of the European Union where Russian and Chinese vaccines have been licensed nationally, under political pressure. The Sputnik f However, the manufacturer has not yet applied to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and has not provided the documents required for registration. The Chinese Sinopharm vaccine is already being tested by the EMA.

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Babys was not a fan of Orban

Roman Primula’s statement above marks a turning point in purchasing vaccines in the Czech Republic, because in his time as an advisor to the Czech Prime Minister, he was the loudest representative of the so-called “Hungarian Method” alongside President Milos Zeman and the Czech Communist Party (KSCM). According to some opinions, he is the real manager of purchasing the vaccine, and Babys will make the final decision keeping in mind the political consequences.

In Prague, it was known that a study was being conducted in Russia based on the results of 40 thousand test people. This is what the Czechs wanted to see. In early February, Prime Minister Andrzej Babis visited Budapest and Belgrade to visit the vaccination process in Hungary and Serbia and collect data for approval of Chinese and Russian vaccines. However, according to one of the Czech newspapers, the Prime Minister left Budapest uneasy and did not convince Orban.

The Czech prime minister continued his incursions into southeastern Europe on Wednesday, February 10 and headed to Serbia with his advisor after Budapest. Both countries are using the Russian-made Sputnik vaccine and the Chinese material, Sinopharm, to vaccinate the population. The purpose of the trip was once again to collect information about licensing and importing Russian and Chinese vaccines. Babis met President Vucic and Prime Minister Bernabeبيت, and eventually visited a vaccination center in Belgrade.

On his return from Serbia, Andrei Babis also announced that there are no plans to be vaccinated with a Sputnik V vaccine in the Czech Republic without EMA approval. The Czech Prime Minister made this statement despite the fact that the Czech Communists, who support the Babis government from abroad, have been blackmailing the Prime Minister for days by licensing Russian and Chinese vaccines. For the time being, professional aspects are winning in the Czech Republic, but political will in Hungary has settled – transparency boils down.

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Slovakia: Purchased purchases

Prime Minister Igor Matovi and his party, OLaNO, suggested buying the vaccine, but the decision to do so was rejected by one of the coalition partners, the People’s Party, writes In the index.

According to the Slovak Prime Minister, early next week, 160,000 doses of the Russian vaccine could have reached the country for up to 80,000 people, but this is not happening now due to resistance from the coalition partner.

Veronika Rimisova, Chair of the People’s Party, Deputy Prime Minister, confirmed that she and his party continue to insist that they should not be vaccinated in Slovakia with a vaccine that has not been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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