They raced in the Eiger - the pockets continued as they left Orfou

They raced in the Eiger – the pockets continued as they left Orfou

After another great performance, Gabor Zeppi and Laszlo Mohacci were able to return home satisfied, finishing third in the Rally Complex 2 in the Eiger Rally, just as in the Orvo competition, and first in their class.

– Everything was great! We continued from where we left in Orfun. We were in the same beautiful countryside. The decorations were great and the competition went very well – Gábor Zsebe started our paper. – We won our class, we finished third in a very strong field. “There are very serious and skilled knights, and they are a lot younger than me,” he said with a laugh, but that motivates me even more. This is also evident in our results.
The Paranya duo are doing well in the championship as well, holding fourth place overall, but are sacrificing quite a bit this year to prepare for next.

He continued, “The limits could have been crossed, but since this season is planned for a small year, the points of the league are not very important,” adding that he does not mind. – Probably not the Eger Rally, which is the best for us on the tracks. Next time we’ll start at Mecsek Rally, then finish up a bit in the summer and continue racing in the fall. We want to participate in a competition of four to five. We also want to take part in the Hungarian track, the Pecs Rally.

Not only did Gábor Zsebe perform well on the tracks around the Eger. Tamas Lakatos achieved a good result in the PSN colors in Rally 2, while in the third division competition, new cups went to Baranya. János Zákányi and Zsolt Vidécz finished third in absolute, winning their class, but the other duo of Horváth Rally ASE, István Buris and János Bottyán, could also be happy, finishing third in P11.

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Baranya motorsport fans don’t have to wait long to be able to enjoy their favorite riders once again in the local environment, as the Mexico 55 Rally will take place from 23-25 ​​June. If we take last season as an example, everyone who comes to admire racing cars can expect great fun.

Rally 2
Fiasko SE نتيجة Result
Gábor Zsebe – László Mohácsi (3rd place composite, class P12 1st place).

PSN (Rally2) Score
Tamás Lakatos – Krisztina Marics (6th place composite, 6th place in Class 6/RC4).

Rally 3
Results of Fiasko SE
Guzi János – Somlai Gábor (4th place composite, P13 second place class).
Péter Fóti – Adrián Kiskuti (18th composite, 6th in Class 6/RC4).

Horvath Rally Results ASE
János Zákányi – Zsolt Vidécz (3rd place composite, 1st place in the P12 class).
István Buris – János Bottyán (23rd place in the boat, 3rd in the P11 class).

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