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They mess with the images created in the US presidential election campaign

They mess with the images created in the US presidential election campaign

Right now, the actors are just preparing for the primaries, but campaign actions have already emerged in which one side attempts to discredit the other with unreal AI-generated footage.

The next presidential election in the United States will take place after more than a year, but the aspirants are already trying to use all possible means in order to win over the voters to their side. It looks much the same in the case of the current campaign, this already includes images and videos produced with artificial intelligence.

the Semaphore Report According to one potential Republican presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis his crew Donald Trump Offensive short film shared on social media, where real recordings have been enriched with images generated by artificial intelligence. In scenes that never happened on the ground, the former president is fighting for re-election Anthony Fauci hugged him (During the pandemic, Fauci was the White House’s chief health advisor, many of whose activities and statements he criticized, and tried to fire him, but Trump, who was sitting in the chair of the presidency, did not. The film claims this parallels Trump’s previous television appearances, in which he fired his subordinates. ).

A person close to DeSantis’ staff tried to allay concerns about the obviously misleading images by telling Semaphore that it wasn’t a political ad, it was just a social media post. The flip side was understandably less lenient: “Fake campaign photos from a fake candidate,” summed up one Trump adviser.

It should also be noted that this was not the first such case during the current campaign. For example, when incumbent President Joe Biden announced his restart, the Republican National Committee (RNC) released video ads It was created entirely with the help of artificial intelligence. Next to Biden in the video Kamala Harris VP is shown celebrating a future victory, followed by several (negative) domestic and international events that the RNC says could happen if they win.

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They said he would

However, the above should not come as a surprise to anyone. Especially after the head of OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT, spoke out about the fact that generative algorithms are a real danger in connection with the upcoming presidential elections. Sam Altman Last month, at a Senate committee meeting, he stated that he was “concerned about this” and deemed it necessary to establish appropriate rules and guidelines.

According to Altman’s proposal, the United States should develop general testing and licensing requirements for developing AI models for software capable of persuading or manipulating people’s personal beliefs. However, one of the senators in attendance said there was “no way to put the genie back in the bottle” because the technology is exploding around the world.

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