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They measured the intelligence of pigs with a video game

New one a study Certain Sus pigs have impressive behavioral and mental flexibility, according to a report In the experiment, experts taught four animals to use a simple joystick-controlled video game. Although similar missions are usually given to the monkeys, the little pigs seem to have understood the game to some degree.

Two Yorkshire pigs, a hamlet and an omelette, and two small pigs, ebony and ivory, participated in the study. The animals first had to control the joystick with their noses while looking at the screen, and then were also introduced to the game itself, where the pointer had to be moved to four targets. Every pig realized they could use the joystick to influence what they saw on screen, which is a great result. “It is not easy for an animal to realize that its behavior affects it elsewhere,” said Dr. Candice Crony, of Purdue University and lead author of the study. The expert added that, in light of the results, the question that arises is what can pigs learn and how learning can affect them.

Until now, researchers have known that pigs can be taught certain things. In the new study, experts rewarded the organisms with food, but it was found that social contact also affected their resilience. For example, when the reward distributor failed, the individuals also continued to act on verbal encouragement.

Pigs were not as skilled as primates, but it is important to note that the test was not intended for them either.

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