They may introduce Windows 11 next week

They may introduce Windows 11 next week

Microsoft is expected to introduce Windows 11 on June 24 – at least that’s international commercial press. Anyway, the software company posted a non-detailed video conference invitation letter for the next week.


a the edge and the computer world In the meantime, it has already released images from the pirated source about the new Windows 11. Most of the changes were reported to be in the wallet area, and the Start button and its menu have been greatly simplified on the current version of Windows 10.

Foreign journalists also highlighted that the plans seen may show a preliminary version, and if Microsoft also informs about the introduction of the new Windows 11 soon, the operating system may change a lot before it is officially released. It was previously reported that the six-year-old Windows 10 operating system will be phased out in 2025 at the latest, which means that the new operating system should be announced before then.

Today, 78% of computers in the world use Windows 10, and in Europe it is 83% higher. Windows 7, which is “unlinked” and no longer supported at all, is still very popular, according to StatCounter, and is still found on about 16 percent of computers worldwide.

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