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“They insulted him” – a very tough rash, Nurbei Novene can be proud of his son

“They insulted him” – a very tough rash, Nurbei Novene can be proud of his son

After his son’s resounding victory, the Olympic gold medalist’s father, Norbert Novene, spoke with Norby in the US and then made a statement in front of Bors. The wrestling son of the Olympic champion, he knocked off the pole in 46 seconds Camille Onizczuk.

Photo: Adam Bencsik

– Seeing that the Polish challenger was not very skilled in boxing, he sent him to the ground with a hard right hand in the fifth position

Novene analysis. – on the ground – because the rules are not excluded – and then continued to hit him, which is why the referee stopped the fight.

His son, nicknamed Nono, was tactically poised with his London teammates, practicing technique that paid off in the match. His diet was perfect, he lost ten kilos before his match in the 84kg weight group.

– He is 23 years old, and I think he can fight for the UFC world title in two years guess Dad’s factory.

How much premium Novene gets for the knockout is a trade secret, but the fact that he is forced to work every day for his living in England is not. Norby leads training courses that are paid for by his students. Nono after KO I did an amazing dance in the cage, Regarding what his father told him: This is not only an expression of his spontaneous joy, but one Effective marketing strategy.

– The matches announced by the Bellator organization are watched by an army of sponsors because the spectators are sitting in front of the televisions and on the spot. – explained Baba Novene. – Such a dance after the meeting will win the favor of the supporters and thus increase revenue.

Looking at the excellent boxing technique, Novene asked the elder, are they planning for Nono to participate in the Olympics as a boxer?

– This was a topic, but we will not dwell on it, because fighting in cages takes a lot of energy. On the other hand, after his latest win, the so-called “experts” on the couch hurled hateful insults on social media.. The latter is one of the reasons he lived and studied in England rather than here Olympic gold medalist in wrestling answered.

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