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They have spread so quickly that colonies of terrifying red ants may soon appear in the home as well
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They have spread so quickly that colonies of terrifying red ants may soon appear in the home as well

Eighty-eight fire ant nests have been identified by researchers near Syracuse, Sicily. Red fire ants, considered a non-native species, are invasive, and global warming in particular favors them in spreading rapidly even across Europe.

Fire ants can cause severe damage

The red fire ant is horribly harmful. Their bites are not only strong and unpleasant, but they can also damage crops and destroy electrical equipment. It is considered one of the most destructive invasive species and is able to establish so-called “super colonies” very quickly. These colonies can also prey on larger vertebrates and plants,

They deprive native ants of their food.

It is known that ant species first spread through trade from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean, and then appeared in Australia and the United States. In the United States, it causes losses worth six billion dollars every year. Australia is spending A$400 million to eradicate ants and so far only New Zealand has succeeded in eradicating all fire ant colonies after they were introduced in 2001 – He writes Watchman.

The spread of red fire ant colonies must be stopped

They have now appeared in Sicily near Syracuse, presumably as invading colonies from China or the United States. It is known that researchers identified eighty-eight red fire ant nests in an area of ​​twelve hectares. According to experts

Coordinated intervention is needed to prevent this type of spread unchecked in Europe.

As you know, red fire ants appeared in Spain, Finland and the Netherlands before, but then they were found only in imported products.

There was no example of them settling in the wild.

According to researchers, thanks to global warming, the continent has become suitable for these species to establish colonies, as they are already able to settle in major European cities such as

Rome, Barcelona, ​​Paris and London.

Coastal cities on the Mediterranean would provide the most favorable living conditions for ants, and seaports could promote their spread.

Hungarian animal protection

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