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They have released a rough list of what not to bring to Gabby Toth’s concert in Oroszlány

They have released a rough list of what not to bring to Gabby Toth’s concert in Oroszlány

“I pointed out that a painting with such content was troubling,” said the headmaster at Sybil, where Orban’s quotes were plastered on the wall.

The head of the foundation himself considers the banner disturbing, as he says he had no say in its placement. However, until the decision is received from the Home Office, it will not be covered.

The opening of the Jedlik-Aneos High School in Siebel, as well as the status of Orbán’s quotes on the wall of the new school, are making more and more noise. As we have written, 2.5 by 1 meter quotes framed in national colors have been plastered on the wall in the institution, nothing but the collection of quotes formerly known as the “Seven Laws of Hungary”, which the Prime Minister himself published two years ago on his website. Facebook page.

We called the head of the institution PC Beanoregarding the question:

Whose idea was it to put Viktor Orban’s quotes on the wall?

– I don’t know the answer to that myself, because we also encountered the banner when it was already installed.

What do you think about the fact that a political statement was published in school?

As I indicated when I faced this, referring to such content is a matter of concern, and we are awaiting the decision of the Ministry of Interior.

I can’t tell you more than that, I just spoke to the authorities and they told me to direct questions related to this to the Del Pest Education Center, and that’s all I can say.

And I obviously have concerns, too, because the Public Education Act deals with the fact that politics has no place in school.

That is why I have asked for a decision as to whether such content can be shown in a state-run school in accordance with the authorities, but we have not yet received it.

“Didn’t you think the banner would be temporarily covered until a decision was made?”

I usually wait to take the position, because of course if I receive something official, I can stick to it. As long as I’m in trouble, because the regulations, for example, are not clear, I’ll wait.

zoltán Marosa, Chapa Dumotor Szilard Nemeth And they did not fail to post the picture of the quote on their social media pages.

However, commentators weren’t very understanding. Some typical comments from the crop so far:

Thus we opened the door to the West, and showed the door to the Russians, the Soviet Union and Communism.

These basic lies were accidentally knocked off the wall…

“Without you, the country would forget what the Stalinist personality cult looked like. Thanks and thanks to Putin’s puppet government for keeping this old tradition alive!”

We need urban quotes before 2008.

“We have to thank our dear good Prime Minister, the minimum is to rename Urban Victor Gymnasium. It would be nice to put some quotes and some pictures of our dear Prime Minister on the wall, because there is plenty of space on the white wall. Well, Zilard Nemeth could also have a place worthy of it.”

Someone simply referred to the job advertisement for Jedlick-Aneos High School, according to which, in addition to the arguably correct renovation, during which time and energy were also found to feature Urban’s quotes, the school is currently offering Biology – Geography, Physical Education, Informatics, French , singing and music, and he is looking for a secondary teacher specializing in mathematics, as well as a cleaning lady.

We sought out the head of the Del Peste Education Centre, Janus Toth, who was present at a meeting and was out of the house on the occasion of our subsequent investigation. Although the center promised them to call them back, this has not happened so far. If necessary, we will update our article.

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