They have purchased the right to process Alan Wake TV

They have purchased the right to process Alan Wake TV

In addition, Switchre comes with a revamped version of the first game, progressing into the second part of development.

After the success of The Witcher netflixes, there was unprecedented interest in video game TV series adaptations, with Finland’s Remedy Entertainment announcing that cable channel AMC, which also hosted The Walking Dead, had acquired the rights to tackle Alan Wake.

However, Remedy will not be showing Alan Wake 2 this summersource: treatment

The idea of ​​making the TV show isn’t new, the game developer announced in 2018 that it was working on the idea, but it looks like a partner for the project has just been found. The Four Years of Silence seems surprising, as Alan Wake’s focus on story and characters travels in a kind of mystical horror that could interest a very wide audience.

According to Remedy, AMC’s appearance on stage is just the beginning of a long journey, as the first season’s debut is sure to last for years, if it really ever happens.

More recent news from the franchise that Alan Wake Remastered will also be available for the Nintendo Switch this fall, as well Alan Wake 2 Despite appropriate progress in its development, Remedy won’t be showing it this summer.

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