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“They have machine guns and grenades” – Most of the migrants try to reach the European Union on the Serbian-Hungarian border

“They have machine guns and grenades” – Most of the migrants try to reach the European Union on the Serbian-Hungarian border

The Serbian authorities transported the migrants from the forests surrounding Subotica by bus. The operation was carried out after shootings became common in the area in the recent period, and local residents often do not dare to go out into the street. However, after similar actions in the past, the migrants returned within a few hours – and locals fear this could happen again.

On Tuesday morning, prisoner transport vehicles and police cars drove towards the Makhetis Forest on the outskirts of Subotica. “Ten minutes ago, two buses were heading towards the forest, they must have been collecting migrants. At around eight in the morning, a police car and five SUVs arrived, and these were not police cars. They had not come out of the forest yet. I did not hear any gunfire this time.” ” said a local man, Sidhu Gabundza.

Later, the authorities transported two buses loaded with migrants from the area, and they were taken to reception centers.

The migrant camp in Obrenovac was completely full, so those who still had room distributed food to their comrades across the fence. Those who could no longer adapt to the center settled in forest areas. Many of them only stay a few days and then leave.

“There are a lot of migrants here. There is no longer room for everyone in the camp. I did not enter either.

“This forest is full of people too. They’re all sleeping here. We won’t stay here long. We’ll continue on our way to Europe as soon as we can.”

said an Afghan man who arrived a few days ago.

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Camp residents say armed mafia members are already present in almost every country. An immigrant who claimed to be Pakistani also narrated the type of weapons he saw.

“They are armed, they have AK-47 assault rifles and grenades. They take our money and our phones,” he added.

I don’t know who they are, but they are everywhere. I also met them in Bulgaria, and there are also some in Serbia and Bosnia. If you don’t give them money, they will shoot you.” The man said.

The Western Balkan route is becoming more active, and illegal immigrants are arriving in Serbia in large numbers.

Most of them still want to illegally cross the Serbian-Hungarian border into EU territory.

Many of them violently. In footage released publicly, migrants can be seen arriving at the border checkpoint holding husangs in their hands and with their faces covered.

They pull, cut and break the border fence, and even openly threaten the Hungarian authorities.

They wrote in the video: Brussels wants to allow them to enter Europe.

They want the EU’s migration and asylum package to be adopted in Brussels even before next year’s European Parliament elections – this is what the Minister of State at the Home Office said. Pence Ritvari stressed: Hungary continues to oppose the agreement, because it will not prevent immigration, but rather will help it.

He added: “They are making a decision about this on the basis of second-and-second logic, on the basis of the chicken-step logic, and on the basis of internal coalition tensions. No one is talking about the long-term effects of this! Rather, they are talking about the fact that everyone has human rights, and illegal immigrants have Also human rights, and they don’t take into account that these illegal immigrants break through the fence, climb over it, throw at the police,

“They have weapons, so they don’t come with a charter under their arms.”

Pence Retvari said.

The Minister of State added: Everyone must decide whether they will side with the law or with human traffickers. Hungary stands by the law.

Featured image: Serbian gendarmes detain illegal immigrants near the Hungarian border, in Zapadka, on September 12, 2023. (Photo: MTI/AP/Serbian Ministry of Interior)

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