They got stuck in the two-sided mirror in the bathroom

They got stuck in the two-sided mirror in the bathroom

The moving family first noticed the slightly oddly placed mirror in the bathroom. When they began to investigate further, they found behind something that bothered them enough and indicated that there could be serious problems with the previous owner. Annabelle Mickelson He reported the situation in a video on TikTok, where he also showed what he found – I mentioned it on Fox News.

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Even though the Mickelson family was aware that they had bought a house they were throwing a lot of parties in front of them, they found it in the bathroom and even surprised them right. The woman mentioned in her videos that the mirror became suspicious of her father because there seemed to be space behind it in the wall, in addition to being very scratched when she moved into it, so after some dismantling of the wall, it became clear what exactly it was. Hide. The mirror itself was two-sided, and not only did they find a lot of space and a cupboard hidden behind it, but there were also cables that they thought were used to hide the camera inside. Many say that the previous owner noticed those who went to his bathroom by this, but there were also harmless explanations: Some said the cables only indicated that there was a TV in the bathroom that was snapped in place later, and even this. Taken as an option, it was the location for a wall-hung aquarium. Mickelson’s video of the accident saw more than two and a half million people, and they did a good job in some ways: They’d like to use the space behind the mirror as a room in the future.

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