They found the free examination in Budapest more infected than at the end of last year

They found the free examination in Budapest more infected than at the end of last year

Three times as many coronavirus infections were tested in a mass test that resumed in Budapest last week compared to December. At the end of last year, 0.6 percent of the seven thousand to five hundred samples taken at the height of the second wave were positive, while now, in the half of the ten thousand checks, the rate of detected infections was two percent, Gabor Havassi, health advisor at city council, told Euronews .

Examination results in Budapest are consistent with national infection data, which also shows that the number of cases is constantly increasing. According to the council member, group screening will be especially important in such cases, since only those who have already visited a doctor with their condition will be included in the national data.

“The vast majority of those who appear here have no symptoms.” So those who are examined outside are contagious asymptomatically, and if they do not participate in such a test, they will not know that they have been infected, and despite the utmost care, they can have more infected contacts, until they wear them, said Gabor Havassi, a municipal health advisor, The masks and spaces.

Screening is carried out at four locations in Budapest. You had to register in advance for the test. Ten thousand seats were filled in the first days.

I wonder if I was infected. “But I’ve had many of these tests before and have always been negative until now,” said a man who came to be tested.

“I am afraid that I am in good health, but I will infect others,” she said while waiting for the examination.

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