One Tesla owner spruced up his car in a way that would make even Vin Diesel run away screaming, because that would be too much even for a Deathly Hallows movie. If good taste has a clear limit, this is it Model Y I crossed it so that it remains Hubble It cannot be detected endoscopically.

The red decorative elements harmonize nicely with the four exhaust nozzles placed on the chicken grille (or what…). Our man even made sure to give the taillight housings a unique sticker. Cherry is “Turbo” And “SUV” The inscriptions are placed on the cake.

the “dual motor” However, it is not a joke (there is an electric motor in both the front and rear in these versions, and this is how the all-wheel drive system was solved), that Tesla put on the car, because the Model Y is available with four drives:

  • Standard range (rear-wheel drive),
  • Long range (rear wheel drive)
  • Long Range Dual Drive (AWD)
  • Dual Drive Performance (AWD)

Since RWD means rear-wheel drive and AWD means all-wheel drive, the owner wasn't lying with the “4WD” designation.

The photo was sent by our reader. If anyone has a live photo of the car, we'd love to hear from you.

Pricing for the Model Y here starts at $17.8 million, and the roof is the top version, the all-wheel-drive Performance model, for which they're asking $22.3 million.

In 2023, we were among the first to test a Tesla Model Y at home, which we not only drove but received as an official test car. The Model Y's performance can't be reduced to a 534-horsepower rocket. You can read our full test here:

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