They don’t take patients to hospital anymore – after nurses, paramedics are also on strike in Great Britain

UK healthcare is under more pressure after nurses and paramedics unions announced a strike before Christmas. According to workers, the government has been neglecting the sector for decades and has not implemented major changes even after the coronavirus pandemic, he wrote. bloomberg.

Ambulances also went on strike even before Christmas.

The National Health Service (NHS) says nurses are preparing for a historic strike on December 15-20. The paramedics’ strike on December 21-28 will increase the movement further. Laborers for months They are calling on the government to introduce reforms in the health sector, but so far there has been no fundamental change.

The biggest stoppage wave in the last 30 years was orchestrated by 3 unions, GMB, Unite and Unison, and according to their claim, ten thousand members would show up. Only the eastern part of the country was not affected by the strike.

We are now in the biggest battle of our lives with the NHS. Patients’ lives are still in danger, but the government is standing on the sidelines and shirking responsibility instead of resolving the crisis.

said Sharon Graham, Unite General Secretary.

The labor movement has been brewing for a long time, and inflation has soared Recession Wages have lost much of their value because of this, while healthcare reforms have lagged behind even after the pandemic. And a few days ago, he caused serious outrage when Nadim Al-Zahawi, head of the Conservative Party, declared that the trade unions work for the benefit of Russian President Putin, and that there is no time to strike in the current economic situation.

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Although health workers only want a 3 percent wage hike plus 11 percent inflation, the government is not willing to negotiate. The strikes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland come a day after nurses were walked out of hospitals in a sign of civil disobedience.

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