They decided the fate of Elmir Kondas, who fell in Fez

Miklós Nagy, sports director of Vasas FC, which is in last place in the OTP Bank Liga soccer league, a for the national sport He said that despite the terrible results, the club’s management continues to vote of confidence in coach Elimir Kondas.

Elmir Kondas was appointed head coach of Vasas in September last year, after the new team, led by Attila Couture, remained winless in the first seven rounds in the NBA.

Elmir Kondas can remain coach of FC VasasPhoto: Sandor Csudai – Origo

However, under the guidance of the 59-year-old professional, Angelföld’s team only became weaker. Although Kondas led Vasas to the semi-finals of the Hungarian Cup, he managed to win only 3 out of 17 matches in the tournament, and his team was in last place in the NB I, eight points behind the well-deserved 10th place. stay in.

Elmir Kondas has yet to answer the question about his future after the home defeat to Pax, but Miklos Nagy, sports director of Fez, said. for the national sport They said they discussed with the owners and the decision was made that Elmir Kondas will remain the head coach of the Vasas.

The club management does not want to blame only the poor results of the coach. The message of the decision is that a coach in Fez cannot be let down. By changing the coach, we were sweeping under the table the problems that have deeper roots, because it is not the coach who misses the situation and shoots at the post in the blink of an eye and does not let the opponent shoot into the goal from five meters. far. They had an idea when creating the framework, but not everyone met their expectations, which also contributed to the current situation. They are looking for the reasons and the solution together.

Miklos Nagy, Sports Director of VasasPhoto: Attila Poljak-Orego

The self-critical sports leader admitted that the change in the fall did not go well, when Attila Kotor was replaced by Elmir Kondas as head coach, Vasas FC has not done better since the change of coach, which is why the management is doing it. Don’t feel like another change would definitely help.

The next Vass will play in the tournament on April 2 in Debrecen, and on April 5 in Budavok, he will manage Elmir Kondas Ángelvoldi in the semi-finals of the Hungarian Cup.

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