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when mr We’ve talked about thatthat the third. Crowley’s May coronation will be shorter and more modest in its details than the coronation of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, which was accompanied by great pomp. MTI reports that the Curley Court has now submitted a detailed program plan.

The coronation ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 6, at Westminster Abbey in London. The abbey, which rises in central London, opposite Parliament, is a traditional coronation chapel for more than 900 years of Anglo-British monarchs. We were crowned here on June 2, 1953, almost a year after he, then 27, acceded to the throne. Elizabeth Kerlin III. Kroly desanyjt too. Second. Elizabeth died in the 97th year of her reign, in the 71st year of her reign, on September 8 last year, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

This event will be attended by hundreds of thousands of peopleSource: Shutterstock / Watcharisma

On the crown of Magi III. Karli and his wife, Camille, will also be crowned. Based on the British Royal Marriages Act, a “queen consort”, that is, the consort of the reigning royal rank, is entitled to the same royal crown as the “queen consort”, and must be presented to the same majesty. According to the details announced by Buckingham Palace on Sunday, the king and his wife will head from the palace to Westminster Abbey during the beautiful procession (the King’s procession) on Saturday, May 6, as the first part of the coronation celebrations.

After the ceremony, led by a larger procession (the coronation procession), the royal family returned to Buckingham Palace. Then iii. Crowley and his wife, as well as members of the Curley family, appear on the huge balcony of the mansion and pay tribute.

This will be the third. King Crowley’s first ceremonial appearance was on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where members of the royal family usually go out on the occasion of events of historical importance. According to the court report on the third Sunday. A large-scale brass concert will take place the next day, May 7, Sunday, at Windsor Castle, the largest and oldest British royal residence, on the western border of London.

Members of the British royal family only go out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace on historically important occasionsSource: Shutterstock / Lorna Roberts

The event, which is organized by the British public service media company BBC, will feature the biggest celebrities, but Buckingham Palace has not yet revealed the exact list of participants. Several thousand people will be selected in a national lottery organized by the BBC, and each of the lucky winners will receive two free tickets to the huge Windsor concert. In addition to international stars, amateur music bands and groups from various professional and social associations will also perform at the musical event. Representations will include, among others, groups founded by refugees accepted by Great Britain, but the National Health Service (NHS) and the LGBT community will also work.

There will also be a huge party for Risi at Windsor CastleSource: AFP / Glenn Kirk

The main elements of large-scale events will include the Grand Coronation Luncheon, a massive series of street lunches organized by locals across the country the day after the coronation, possibly with several million guests.
The British government declared Monday, May 8, an exceptional working holiday, and according to Buckingham Palace, this day will be urgent charitable and service activities carried out for the benefit of local communities, and it is called The Big Help Out. Third. King Crawley is in his seventy-fifth year and will be the oldest monarch to be crowned in the long history of the Anglo-British monarchy.

(Wine list source: AFP/Niall Carson)

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