They can postpone the last stage of the opening in Britain for a month

On Friday we wrote about it too Disturbing news coming From Britain, where half the country has been vaccinated in vain, the delta variant could cause another outbreak. It has since emerged that the British government is now considering delaying the final opening pace by a month.

According to the plans so far, all restrictions will be lifted on June 21, that is, from then on, social life can be lived again without restrictions. However, due to the release of the delta variant of the virus, the According to BBC sources He suggested in the prime minister’s office to postpone the lifting of restrictions for at least four weeks.

Photo by DAVID CLIFF / NurPhoto via AFP

An official announcement is expected on Monday, and according to British public media, there are several scenarios awaiting the British government, but a delay of four weeks is likely. The government’s goal is to give them time to continue the vaccination program and the ability to vaccinate more younger age groups as well.

In the final stage of opening, clubs and nightclubs can reopen, and again, music and theater programs, sporting events and weddings can be held without restrictions. The BBC notes that due to the spread of the variable delta, there is a lot of pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, including the British Medical Chamber, to request a delay in the opening.

The delta variant was first discovered in India and now causes nine out of 10 coronavirus infections in the UK, with data so far showing that it spreads 60 per cent more effectively in humans than the alpha, the British variant. The data also shows that delta is twice as likely to be hospitalized after injury than alpha.

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