They can legally fire the Polish prime minister

They can legally fire the Polish prime minister

Poland’s de facto leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, could remove Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki from his post, according to strong press talks, and his potential successor is already visible.

Daniel Obagtek, the largest state-owned oil and gas company, the president of PKN Orlen (pictured at left) has rumored in Polish media that he will be the next Polish prime minister – Writes A Business Insider Polska. This assumption paid off because Yaroslav Kaczynski, head of the ruling radical right-wing party, Law and Justice (PiS), actual In his last interview, he spoke interestingly about the two leaders.

For Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki (pictured at right), who had previously envisioned him as his successor, the head of the Law and Justice Party, and who said he was perhaps the most talented leader since 1989, he is no longer a fan of him. Instead, he mentioned that in 2021, the hope for Poland was Daniel Obagtik, the God-blessed talent. He did not mention the order more precisely, but he certainly did not consider the corruption charge that the prosecution withdrew after the Law and Justice Party came to power.

Obagtek assured everyone that he had not discussed with the head of the Law and Justice Party that Murawiecki could be replaced, but Kaczynski said in an interview that “the hope of Poland, the hope of this political camp, not the hope of any other party group, only Poland. They want good for their people. They have incredible potential,” Their determination is extraordinary and there is something in it that they can only obtain from God, but it is difficult to define.

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Perhaps giving some explanation, Obagtec realized Jaroslaw Kakewinski’s dream: he bought regional newspapers from a German publisher with public money. On the other hand, Obagtec admits that he is preparing for big deals and there is no strong economy without strong Orleans. They have no disagreement with Prime Minister Morawiecki and work well together.

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