Bevethetik a hadsereget Nagy-Britanniában, köszi, brexit

They can deploy the army in Britain, thanks Brexit

The UK government is considering deploying the army to transport fuel after panic buying erupted in the country over the weekend CNBC. Motorists waited in long queues for news of a well shortage after a shortage of truck drivers prevented supplies from reaching tanks.

According to British media reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has begun to think about involving military trucks in transportation. Before that, competition rules for fuel trading companies were relaxed to allow coordinated shipments.

Thinking about Christmas, they want to give thousands of truck drivers temporary visas to widen the bottlenecks, at least during the holidays.

Gordon Palmer, director of the British Fuel Traders Association, said that while temporary visas may help something, they are far from enough, so he hopes the military will eventually help. The organization told Sky News that some major fuel retailers have reported having to close 50 to 90 per cent of their gas stations due to the shortage. BP said it is focusing on servicing wells, which deals with the larger concept.

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