They came to Samsun with soft success

They came to Samsun with soft success

In addition to theatrical performances, the rocking castle and the new artificial turf football field were a huge success. Parliamentarian Norbert Erdös has arrived here with good news. Mayor István Annus informed the participants about the successes of the new tender, thanks to which the village can grow. In the Hungarian Village Program, the municipality of Bekisamsun has received a non-refundable grant of HUF 6,400,000 from the Ministry of the Interior in the form of REKI support, Norbert Erdis announced.

Norbert Erdöss

– This is a great help for daily work, our budget is stable, but every forint is useful for paying bills, while we also have a frugal foresight – added the settlement head. With this, he noted their efforts (energy investments, solar panel installations, alternative heating solutions) to reduce overhead costs.

The mayor mentioned that the nursery kitchen is their biggest consumer, and also talked about the new heat-cooled air conditioners installed in the kindergarten and community center, from which they will try to opt for economical solutions even in the winter months.

As part of the Rural Development Program, the local government received HUF 48,154,000 in support of asphalting rural roads – MP continued. The residents of the four corners of the settlement and the farmers are doing well in implementing this project. For this, the settlement contributed 15 percent of its own resources – István Annus added the information.

The artificial turf has been used by Samsons all day long

The residents of Vieques Samsun won 50 million HUF for the artificial turf field.

– The path has become a community setting place, it’s great to see the people of Samson enjoy themselves all day long. It is fenced and has lighting. Istvan Anos added, We even got a tingo foot from half a million forints on our own.

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Thanks to the cooperation, their local government also won 20 million HUF for asphalting Névtelen Street from the Ministry of the Interior. In addition to this non-refundable grant, the settlement contributed 5 percent of its own resources. I would like to finish work by the end of August.

All age groups were having a good time on the village day

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