They called Pál Dárdai from a surprising place: it turns out that he made a decision

They called Pál Dárdai from a surprising place: it turns out that he made a decision

Despite his dismissal from the Hertha football team in November, Pal Darday and FC Berlin split up forever. The Hungarian coach is not looking for a job at the moment, recently a rich club from an Arab country called him, but to no avail.

Darday, who was fired from the first team in November last year, has been under contract with the club until now, but from now on he can sign freely, only his salary has to be paid. This is where Fehérvár can come into the picture, as already in the spring there were rumors that Michael Boris, who has a good relationship with Dárdai, is only a temporary solution, and the former captain will be appointed to lead the red and blue team. The long-term.

The pepper you know The two parties have already negotiated with each other and managed to agree, but not on the position of technical director.

Pál Dárdai was wanted by several placesSource: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP / Andreas Gora

One of the informants, who asked not to be identified, told Porsches: “Bali’s eldest son, Balko, plays football in Fiehrvar, which is why the father often appears in the stands. It is normal that he has a good relationship with the management of the club.” “Agreed on thatHe helps as a counselor when asked for his opinion, this happened, but Bali did not engage in more serious work. Even if they wanted him as head coach, he definitely wouldn’t accept that this year.”

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Dárdai is not looking for work at the moment, Recently a rich club from an Arab country contacted him, but he refused the offer. He wouldn’t be happy to leave Berlin either, because he still lives there with his wife and two youngest sons, Marton and Pence, who nurture Hertha.

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