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They are working to save dolphins that have landed in New Zealand

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The 40 long-winged, round-headed dolphins that have become dry at low tide are keeping New Zealand survivors alive. Rescue workers hope that with the tide, the dolphins will have a chance to swim again in deeper waters.

At Farewell Spit on the South Island, land 49 dolphins. By the time they were spotted on Monday morning, 9 dolphins were already dead. 65 conservation rangers and several volunteers worked to keep the survivors alive. They constantly cool and moisturize the bodies of dolphins.

Farewell Spite is also called a dolphin catch, so dolphins are very common here. Four years ago, when the shooting took place, 650 round-headed dolphins landed here, and 300 perished.Photo: Marty Melville / AFP

On the sandy shores of the Farewell Spit, which stretches into the Tasman Sea, such gigantic landings have occurred before. The place is also called the ‘Dolphin Trap’ because dolphins have a hard time getting out of captivity on the long and slightly sloping coastline once they are accidentally thrown there. Four years ago, more than 650 round-headed dolphins were trapped in the shallow waters of the Farewell Spit during two mass landings. More than 350 animals were killed and about 300 specimens were saved.

Several theories have emerged as to why dolphins were thrown ashore: some explain that they get too close to shore by searching for prey, others say that they protect an injured member of the team, or that the dolphins themselves escape from a predator. (Via MTI)

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