They are preparing for the most assured presidential inauguration in American history

Democrat Joe Bident, the 46th president of the United States, will be inaugurated on Wednesday. The ceremony is expected to begin at 12:00 local time on the west side of the Capitol Building.

Flags field installation at the opening ceremony of Joe Biden, the democratically elected president of the United States, (Photo: MTI / EPA / Justin Lane)

The inauguration ceremony has always been held on January 20 since 1937. The current ceremony differs greatly from the previous ones, as they prepare to install the most assured president in US history due to the epidemiological situation and potential demonstrations. The priority, among other things, is due to the fact that on January 6, outgoing Republican President Donald Trump blockaded the Capitol and killed five people in the riots.

According to the FBI, there is still potential for violent protests in Washington and other federal state capitals. The size of the security measures is evident in the fact that 25,000 armed soldiers from the National Guard are in charge.

Although organizers have yet to specify the exact date of the opening of Joe Bident and Kamala Harris, the two Democratic Vice Presidents, elected, the ceremony is expected to begin at 12 noon local time on the west side of the Capitol.

Armed soldiers patrol the security zone around the Washington Capitol (Photo: MTI / AP / J. Scott Applewhite)

Under the constitution, both the president and his deputy take an oath before the Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court for a period of four years, but the current incident also differs from the traditional incident in this regard. Kamala Harris asked Sonya Sotomayor, the first Latin judge on the Supreme Court, to take the oath. Joe Biden will be sworn in at around 12 noon, led by Chief Justice John Roberts.

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After being sworn in, Joe Biden will deliver his inaugural speech, in which the inaugural staff said the president will outline his ideas on how to conquer the pandemic, and how to rebuild, unite and heal the nation.

President Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday Five of his nominees for ministers heard on Tuesday U.S. congress. In addition to the hearings, a constitutional indictment against Trump may be on the agenda. Meanwhile, Biden appointed him First transgender foreign minister he is.

The new US president will issue 17 decrees after taking office

Political advisors announced on Wednesday that US President-elect Joe Biden will sign seventeen orders to fulfill his campaign promises in Washington on Wednesday marking his inauguration, including his country’s return to the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization and Immigration. .

To curb the Coronavirus pandemic, which has so far claimed 400,000 lives in the United States, the new president will issue a decree on the mandatory wearing of masks in federal institutions and federal employees. Jeff Zentes, who is responsible for coordinating the new government’s efforts on the COVID-19 pandemic, said at a press conference on Wednesday that the United States’ chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci will speak on behalf of the United States at the WHO executive board on Thursday.

For those who have lost their source of income, the president extends a decree on eviction and student loan repayment paid from federal sources.

Democratic politician holding the presidency

It has made fighting global warming one of its main issues, and will send a letter to the United Nations on Wednesday so that the United States can join the Paris climate agreement within a month.

Said Gina McCarthy, Leader of the New President’s Climate Issues.

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The new president will also cancel previous government actions on lifting restrictions on climate change, including permission from outgoing President Donald Trump for a controversial plan to build a Keystone XL oil pipeline between the United States and Canada, and a recent ban on the Alaska Nature Reserve. Licensed oil and gas extraction developments.

Biden promised to put the United States on the path to achieving zero levels of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming by 2050. Reuters noted that the battle will not be easy, given political divisions in the United States, fossil fuel companies and worried international partners. On American policy.

Donald Trump withdrew his country from the international climate agreement signed in Paris in 2015 last year, under the pretext that it would cost the US economy a lot and have few tangible benefits.

On immigration policy, Biden is also on the opposite path to Donald Trump, who has made combating illegal immigration a priority of his presidency.

Biden has repealed the disputed immigration law of his predecessor, which prohibited entry to the United States of citizens of Muslim-majority countries. This measure is rooted in xenophobia and religious hostility

Said Jake Sullivan, the future White House National Security Adviser.

The Democratic President also officially announced the suspension of work on the wall on the common border with Mexico, funded by the Defense Ministry’s budget.

In parallel, Joe Biden will present an immigration bill to Congress that will provide more than 700,000 young and other troubled immigrants who illegally arrived in the United States as children the opportunity to naturalize under certain time and conditions.

Among other things, the reform project envisages additional resources of US $ 4 billion over four years to strengthen border controls on the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

And the aid program for the three countries that are the main source of migrants and refugees.

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Susan Rice, future director of the Home Policy Board, said the new president will take action against racial inequality by signing a decree directing federal agencies to review inequality in their programs and policies.

Consultants say Wednesday’s actions will be followed by other regulations and announcements in the coming days.

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