They are already thinking of the Olympic Games as a blessing

They are already thinking of the Olympic Games as a blessing

The champion Hungarian swimmer outperformed the athlete and basketball player in Deusger.

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According to the decision of journalists, this year’s athlete of the year won the first place in the adult women’s field, the Miskolc Sports School swimmer Anna Stankovich.

The national team swimmer began his statement: “In late February, early March, when I was swimming in an international competition in Madrid in preparation for my swimming, I didn’t think we thought the pandemic would rewrite the year, the action.” Then the pandemic came, and on March 16th, the Dénes Kemény pool in Miskolc was closed, so the ground exercises remained. I haven’t been able to swim for forty-three days, and this could finally happen at a closed training camp in Balaton, in which the association organized. It feels terrible for the swimmer that he cannot go into the water whenever he wants and cannot be replaced by anything else … Then everything was so uncertain about what was going to happen, it could be in this state that he was mentally worn and couldn’t really stop. Then it turned out that they were going to hold the national championship in December, which we didn’t know exactly how and according to what principles, we finally decided with my coach, Jerjo Scholar, that this might not be the best time to shoot all the players. Gunpowder. Of course, I wanted to swim well in Kaposvár, and with him so definitely wanted to win my favorite track, the 50m breaststroke. It worked. We started the new year on January 4, and I hope to be able to compete in the Miskolc World Water Day contest soon, because this year’s ob will come between March 23-27. I’m definitely going to start at fifty and a hundred, at last, which is a five-episode number, I have Olympic level B, just like Eszter Békési and Petra Halmai, they are a little better. A level isn’t a far fetched time either, but I feel I can improve for Bn if it all comes together. There will be a European Championship in Budapest in May, four Hungarians can start with one number, then I want to do really well, because my goal is to be there in Tokyo. I would like to thank this journalist for the award, from whom I received this honor for the second time since last year.

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Second and third

In the adult women’s field, Rita Nimes, the athlete who led to the Olympic qualifiers, took second place in the week.

– I am very happy with this award. I watched what was called public voting going on and saw who did, but this award surprised me and was valuable to me because I received it from a jury of sports journalists, people who voted better than average for the work done by athletes. Rita said the ferret to work. “Last year was very strange because of the epidemic, but I tried to make the most of it so that I could improve it. The postponement of the Olympic Games did not hurt me, but I feel very sorry for losing the European Championship last year in France and because I was not able to start there. I will continue to work on seven trials. To compete in competitions where I may reach Olympic point level, or if that fails, I can improve my world ranking because that is the other way to drive to Tokyo. During this period, in the indoor track season, the focus is on the five trials, I finished second in the tournament Hungarian a few days ago, but most importantly, with such a high score, behind Xénia Krizsán, which finished in a prominent place in the European ranking.A total of 12 contestants would be able to start five trials, of which six athletes were already certain to start, and it could To be present based on their previous results, and the other six invitees were in one of the top six on the leaderboard.I finished fourth, and since the European Championship qualifiers ended, I had to wait for the organizers’ invitation only, which I received it on Monday. I would really like to show myself in the continental championships in Poland in the first week of March, and I am confident that my progress will not be interrupted and I will be able to achieve what I desire this year.

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In third place was a basketball player.

– It is always a pleasure to get an award, in the past weeks or months I have started collecting medals, relics and honors collected during my career, but I also have a bunch of articles cut from newspapers, and I have organized them too, because soon there will be a place in our house – said Dóra Medgyessy, player of the Aluinvent-DVTK women’s basketball team. I am proud of all the awards I have received so far as a sports player, and I would also like to thank those who came to Bali and voted for me. And I’m confident in a better sequel, maybe next year I can have a nicer and bigger vase … I’ll try to make it happen for the rest of the season. There are a lot of tasks, it would be good to win matches and matches in the European Cup as well, it would be good to collect medals and medals in the next bubble, as well as on the Hungarian stage, in the tournament and in the Hungary Cup. And after the season there is still the big challenge for the national team 3 × 3, the Olympic qualifiers, needless to say, how amazing it would be if we could do it.

About the vote

This year we are presenting the Athlete of the Year Awards in our county for the eighteenth time. As in the recent past, members of the jury voted for the best in the county in seven categories (young girl, young boy, youth team, adult female, adult male, adult team, coach). The 10 juries invited by northern Hungary – Krishtian Budi (sports editor at Mezőkövesd Media), Zsuzsa Fekete (author of the sociology page on Facebook), Ervin Marosréti (sports reporter for Hungarian radio), Emil Martini (sports editor for Csillagpont radio) Gike Sike, editor of RFE ), Istvan Szucs (Journalist), Shepherd Attila (Journalist), Thomas Kolodzey (Sports Editor in Northern Hungary), Istvan Molnar (Sports Editor in Northern Hungary), Csaba Berecz (Sports Editor in Northern Hungary) – once again was able to vote for the athletes in the province, Provincial teams, district coaches, who in 2020 achieved in the colors of one of the county’s sports organizations, as members of it, commendable results. Once again, we asked the invited jury members from North to determine the podium’s ranking in all seven categories. Votes obtained in this way are scored, players / teams / coach in first place get 5-5 points, athletes / teams / coach in second place get 3-3 points, two-thirds of classes get 1-1 points. Points were collected and the athlete / team / coach that finished the most points from the jury took first place in their category.

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2020 Best Athlete, Adult Female

1. Anna Stankovic (Swimming, Miskolc C) 31 points
2. Nemes Rita (Diósgyőr Athletics VTK) 16 points
3. Dóra Medgyessy (Aluinvent Basketball – DVTK) 15 points
4. Bragato Giada (Kayak, Tiszaugvaros KKSE) 14 points
5. Josie Blanca (Pentathlon, PC Swimming) 9 points
6. Mezővári Kinga (Boxing, Sárospataki TC) 5 points

(On the cover: Anna Sztankovich, Rita Nims, Dora Medjese)

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