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They almost removed the core functionality of Counter-Strike 2 during development

They almost removed the core functionality of Counter-Strike 2 during development

Not much is known about the development of Counter-Strike 2. Based on the signs, the developers haven't been able to play much with the previous titles of the series.

04.02.2024 – The year 2023 was a big turning point in the life of the Counter-Strike series. After CS:GO debuted in 2012, it's time for CS to step up once again. In March 2023, the developers revealed that a Source 2 release, which had been rumored for years, was already in the works. Already in the early days, a lucky few could try out the modded client, and later active players could join as well. Valve continually monitored user comments and assigned them a dedicated email account. However, public tests were also preceded by closed opinions.

Before the official reveal, Valve consulted with professional players, content producers, and experts several times. There is a high probability that the information provided at such events significantly influenced the current features and innovations of Counter-Strike 2. Unfortunately, not much is known about these closed tests, since the participants' hands are tied by a confidentiality agreement, which is the only way we can be sure. from its occurrence. However, this does not mean that a single piece of information cannot be sprinkled in on the topics of these non-public conversations.

Did the developers almost remove the most used feature in Counter-Strike 2?

“Above the Stars Jason” videoMusaO'Toole, who fans may know best from his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broadcasts. In addition, he also has extensive gaming experience, having played CS:GO at a semi-professional level and was also a coach for Team Liquid for a while Of time. This time, thanks to him, we were able to know information about the level of conversations that took place during these closed tests.

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On one such occasion, Valve employees asked participants what they thought about removing the controller from the game. Many say that there was a terrible silence in the room after the question, no one dared to speak meaningfully, the chosen ones just looked at each other in silence.. In the end, fortunately, this was a nod to Valve as well, so the controller is already available in CS2. Anyone who plays the Counter-Strike series at a slightly more serious level knows full well that this function is one of a gamer's best friend. With the help of the controller, the game can be controlled and modified in seconds using simple commands. It would have been a huge mistake to take her out, and it's sad that the possibility arose at all.

Still flawless Game:

Counter-Strike 2's smoke is flawed on several levels – the bug can be reproduced

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