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These were the first symptoms of Celine Dion suffering from a terminal illness

These were the first symptoms of Celine Dion suffering from a terminal illness

The famous international singer recently spoke in an interview about the extent to which her deteriorating health condition affected her voice. “It's like someone is choking me all at once. It's like someone is squeezing your throat or your pharynx,” the 56-year-old star said.

In the documentary that was made about him The legendary singer wrote – among many other topics – that she spoke candidly about her illness independent. In his work, Dionne also recalls how he noticed the first symptoms one morning 17 years ago. “Seventeen years ago, I had cramps, and that's how it all started. I woke up one morning, had breakfast, and suddenly my voice rose. It really scared me, because a tired singer usually feels a deeper voice the day after his voice,” he recalls of the concert. .

I was terrified, and I didn't know what to do. Today I have the diagnosis, SPS.

He continued: “It can be seen in the muscles, tendons and nerves, and you cannot see anything from the outside.”

Like being strangled at one time

“It's like someone is choking you all the time. It's like someone is pressing on your throat or your pharynx. It's like you're speaking, but you can't get higher or deeper in your tone of voice. You just go into spasms. It's starting to in the throat and then I thought, “No, it's okay, everything will be fine.” It is to explain Formerly Celine Dion.

The singer also said that her legs often don't move when she wants to, because her fingers cramp during some activities, and she can't straighten them – so all activities are difficult for her. He also reported that he had previously suffered a broken rib as a result of his illness, although this is very rare with this disease, and only occurs in severe cases.

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Then Celine Dion's condition deteriorated dramatically He actually had to cancel his entire tour last yearHis concert in Hungary, scheduled for March 2024, also came to nothing. A documentary film was recently produced about his illness You can read more here.

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