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These weapons, opponents and loot will be in the Borderlands sub-show - IGN Expo

These weapons, opponents and loot will be in the Borderlands sub-show – IGN Expo

Although the newly announced sub-episode of the Borderlands series, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, won’t be released until 2022, IGN Expo has also revealed a lot of exciting details about the game.

IGN has asked the game’s creative director, Matt Cox, to reveal the secrets to the first trailer for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands so we have an idea of ​​the game and the solutions we can expect.

What is the game about and where does the game take place?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland picks up the spin shortly after the events of Borderlands 2’s DLC for Assault on Dragon Keep, and in fact, this add-on also inspired the creation of the sub. However, Cox added that it’s not necessary to know the Assault story on the Dragon Keep DLC in order to enjoy Wonderlands, as it is an entirely new adventure in a whole new world.

Wonderland takes place in an unpredictable fantasy world that is constantly evolving depending on how the game is played, Bunkers & Badasses (Borderlands-like dungeons and dragons tap) was formed by Tiny Tina. Cox says Wonderlands isn’t a game once you reach the end, it has nothing left to do with it, as there will be a lot of collectible loot in it, and end-game content can be played multiple times.

The main characters

Unlike mainstream Borderlands games, in Wonderlands we can create our own hero who can choose multiple layers. It hasn’t been revealed yet that we’ll be controlling a silent character or that our character will look like sometimes, which wouldn’t be bad just because there are talented actors in Wonderland like Ashley Burch (Tiny Tina) and Andy Samberg (Captain Valentine), or Will Arnett, who Play the main evil, Dragon Lord, and Wanda Sykes, who appears as a robot that follows the rules, Fret.

Weapons, loot, magic

As expected, Wonderlands doesn’t skimp on guns and plenty. According to Cox, unfortunately, the words cannot be modified, but in return we find many around the world. But not only firearms, but melee equipment and even spells. We can also deploy shields and amulets (the latter certainly provide tuning skills or stats), but we won’t find a single thing in the prestigious arsenal: grenades. It seems to have been replaced by magic in Wonderland.

Our hero will have certain abilities by default depending on the class he chooses, but we can give him many other abilities via spells. “We think of spells as small herbs because of their strength and versatility,” Cox explained.


In addition to the Dragon Lord shaped by Will Arnett, we have two other opponents in Wonderlands, mostly typical fantasy monsters that the developers say are a better fit for Tiny Tina. In the trailer we can see, for example, a dragon or a skeleton protruding from under the ground, but there will also be specialties such as kneaded sharks walking on their feet.

In addition to the IGN Expo tonight, we’re also bringing in tons of other exciting announcements, follow me on our site for the month-long IGN event, Summer of Gaming, and of course the upcoming E3!

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