These teams will meet our squad in the 2023 Qualifiers

These teams will meet our squad in the 2023 Qualifiers

The Hungarian U-21 Football League announced that Germany, Poland, Israel, Latvia and San Marino will join the qualifiers for the 2023 Romanian-Georgian European Soccer Championship.

He got liabilities (Image: Getty Images)


“In general, I feel we can’t complain about the lot because we couldn’t get a much better set. At the same time, we’re going to have a very difficult mission, where we will also have to fight with three teams ranked above us to win one of the first two places. The Germans are always strong, and they haven’t.” They have missed any European championships since 2011, and the Poles and Israelis are key players. ” Zoltan Gera told

The qualifying series will start in March, but national teams are participating in this year’s European Championships, so the co-host Hungarian team will only start performing in the fall. The 2023 European Championship is open to players born after January 1, 2000, which means that a large number of participants in this year’s European Championships will also be available for the professional apparatus during the qualifiers. For the continental battle of 2023, the winning directors from the nine groups will join the qualifiers, the winner of the best second-place group and the winners of the remaining eight fights from four matches.

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