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These pictures will trick your mind too: shocking optical illusions

These pictures will trick your mind too: shocking optical illusions

Have you ever seen the largest celestial body in the solar system in a mason jar and poked a haystack with a chopstick? If not, we will now demonstrate both optical illusions.

the An optical error is an illusion Many people cannot explain these visual sensations, because they are too smart Trick our brainsThe resulting images are inconsistent with the real physical properties.

Optical illusion: Its goal is to deceive the brain

Does the name Győző Csiszár tell you something? And if we say Győző Vásárhelii? We help. They both cover someone you might know by a third name: He is Victor Vasarely, He is the father of visual painting and visual art, who brilliantly animated moving and vibrating forms on the canvas, which – as we all know – did not even move in reality. This is what it is Visual artThe basic concept of it is nothing but that the geometric shapes create the impression that they are moving and vibrating with visual effects.

By the way, optical illusions can be created in several ways.

The one between individual colors and shapes Contrast and brightness differences Your game can affect image perception, for example. We see two squares of the same color differently with different backgrounds behind them, right? Even the numbers seem like that As if they were in motion But they don't actually move. Optical illusions are often used as well Perspective and proportions To fool the brain, it is enough to believe, for example, that two lines of the same size can appear to be different sizes due to background perspective.

Well, we can also trick our brains by playing with colors and shades!

Even with if Two objects of the same size in different environments When placed, we see it in a different size. And then we got to those pictures, which nature provided for all their locations, with some tricks.

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In our gallery you can see pictures that will amaze you – just click on the image and you can start browsing!

If you have not tried to take such photos, now is the time, as you can see, a camera is often enough.

If you liked the article, you are probably also interested in the trick being used On the mirrors on the walls of interrogation rooms.

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