These Netflix secret codes give you instant access to the best Christmas movies

These Netflix secret codes give you instant access to the best Christmas movies

For a long time, people on the Internet were divided on the question of whether, say, Die Hard was a Christmas movie, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a romantic line and doesn’t have Santa Claus, and the story couldn’t even be called cute. But the truth is, according to many, this is not the only characteristic of Christmas movies. We have brought these secrets below Netflix-Symbols that ensure you find the Christmas movies for you.

What are Netflix codes?

To understand how to retrieve the full content of your provider, it’s worth starting from what these codes are. Well, Netflix sorts movies into different categories, but in most cases that is not enough, because even if you filter for comedies, it is not certain that the search will be any easier. Nor is it certain that a film fits into only one category, just as it is questionable whether the names of the more popular categories fit best. In short, Netflix has created a bunch of smaller categories to make searching easier and more accurate, and has assigned an icon to each.

We show you how to redeem Netflix secret codes

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How can it be developed?

You must be very careful that you cannot use codes in the application and that you cannot bypass country restrictions in this way. So you have to open Netflix in a browser, log in, use the codes, and add whatever you want to your list. After that, you will see them in your list in the mobile application or on your smart TV, so that you can easily play the selected programs. The task is to copy the URL indicated here into the address bar and then type in the line number of the category you are interested in.

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In other words, if you are interested in Christmas animation, you should enter the code 1395703.

With these secret codes, you can get access to the full scope of Netflix

The list of Christmas contents is very diverse

According to many, Christmas is only about family and romantic films, and to some extent this is true, but Netflix can also cause surprises, and it has dedicated a special category to unusual Christmas films, among which you can also find horror films and thrillers, or such These comedies. , which does not specifically offer a kid-friendly Christmas nature.

  • New in 2022-81346420
  • Christmas Family Movies From The ’90s – 1476024
  • Christmas hooligans – 81354837
  • Christmas with a twist – 2300975
  • Christmas Family Movies – 1474017
  • British Christmas Family Movies – 1527064
  • Canadian Christmas Family Movies – 1721544
  • European Christmas Family Movies – 1527063
  • Christmas Comedy – 1474015
  • Children’s Christmas – 1726277
  • Christmas cartoons – 1395703
  • Christmas TV Comedy – 1395700
  • Animated Christmas Movies – 1475066
  • Thin Christmas Movies – 1418977
  • Fun family vacation – 81351538
  • Eid favorite – 107985
  • Festive entertainment – 393181
  • Romantic Vacation – 394388
  • Romantic Christmas Movies – 1394527
  • Spiritual films – 26835

Are you interested in more series and movies? Then we will help you:

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