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These jeans will replace skinny jeans this fall

These jeans will replace skinny jeans this fall

And in the last few years, it’s been tight jeans It was a huge trend, but now it feels like it’s going out of style. At least, as Gen Z TikTokers claim, this endlessly uncomfortable outfit is a thing of the past.

Goodbye to thinness

Several recordings have appeared on the platform, with users drawing attention to the fact that it’s time for these body-hugging pants to end up in the trash. Furthermore, a user named @momohkd, who according to the intro text works as a personal stylist, appears in a video on how to get rid of skinny jeans in a slightly sarcastic way. According to the witness of the recording, there are three possible options: either throw it in the trash, set it on fire, or cut it into small pieces.

Here is the video:

Not the most comfortable

Skinny jeans don’t fit me

The girl wrote in the video description, and many commentators agreed with her.

I really don’t know why I was wearing skinny jeans at all. It’s uncomfortable and creates uncertainty

said one commenter.

I’ve never loved a video so quickly

added another.

Back to the 90s

Of course, there were also those who were upset by the video and didn’t understand why they would change their entire wardrobe just because new trends arrived. It’s important to know that you obviously don’t have to do this. If you like your skinny jeans and they fit well, feel free to wear them in the future, but don’t forget that many other alternatives, such as mom jeans or boyfriend jeans, can also be a good choice. It can also be useful on running day if you don’t have to run in a Nazi that hugs your body. In fact, whether you believe it or not, wide-leg jeans, which you thought were gone forever, are very popular again this year. Since trends come and go, it is inevitable that sooner or later fashion gurus will pick up on an old trend that is considered outdated. Now ’90s favorites are making a comeback, so if you have a trapezoid from the past, dust it off this fall. 😀

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