Ezeket a játékokat kapják ingyen az Xbox Live Gold előfizetői áprilisban bevezetőkép

These games will be available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in April

As usual, four games can be expected, this time with a selection of Xbox Live Gold games from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 generations.

Almost nine years ago, a program called Microsoft Games with Gold launched in July 2013, which actually covers Xbox Live Gold subscribers every month for a monthly fee originally called only for online multiplayer games and more generous discounts. The number of games rose to four over time, and then the Xbox One mixed with Xbox 360 titles.

Although there has been another generational change since then, and slowly, a year and a half ago, the works developed for Xbox Series X | S by subscribers, for an undisclosed but clear reason that Microsoft prefers to keep the best bites for the game’s arcade. As a result, Games with Gold still only offer the mandatory minimum, which means they offer four games, but don’t offer a new generation, not even AAA. repeatedly.

The Xbox One launch will be represented by another scene from April 1 to April 30. In this steamy platformer adventure game, we take turns controlling a little girl and a Qatar while exploring Victorian London. Between April 16 and May 15, we can add Hue to our collection, which was also a full game from GameStar magazine a few years ago. It is also a platformer game, but it excels at puzzles based on colors rather than adventures.

However, the availability of Xbox 360 titles is shorter as usual. We can first pull Outpost Kaloki X from April 1 to April 15. In this, we can build an intergalactic empire, but not through struggle, but through trade and services, that is, it does not hurt to have a small business. Then MX vs ATV Alive could be ours starting April 16th. The off-road mud is plastered on two wheels and four wheels, but keep in mind that the show is only open until the end of the month, i.e. April 30th.

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