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These games will be added to Netflix this summer

These games will be added to Netflix this summer

It’s long been worth subscribing to Netflix for gaming, but freshness never hurts.

Games have also been available on Netflix for quite some time, even if the app doesn’t convey this loud and clear enough. Since they’re all mobile-only, you’ll have to scroll down to the appropriate section on iOS or Android, but they also work if you search for “NETFLIX” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

During the summer, new releases will arrive one after another. Although it is not usual for mobile games to announce the release date in advance, or there may be surprises, some games have already been published.

Oxenfree 2 is Netflix Games’ first entirely self-produced title, which they cheated so much that they acquired the team that developed the predecessor. It will arrive on July 12th, and we’ll be able to play it on PC and consoles, but those who want to play it on mobile can only do so through Netflix (and only on major platforms if you buy it separately). This will be followed on July 25th by The Queen’s Gambit Chess, a chess game with The Leader’s characters, locations, atmosphere and puzzles.

The GameStar YouTube channel is waiting for you!

Video quizzes, explanation, interesting facts, discussions, live stream, walkthroughs, and previews with Hungarian subtitles.

Cut the Rope Daily, a new installment of the legendary franchise with daily challenges, is coming August 1st; On August 8, WrestleQuest, a role-playing game in the form of Bankrat, and in the following months we will receive the Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed RPG, with more than 50 minifigures that can be sent into battle, as well as the up-down Paper Trail, which takes place in a paper world , which, by the way, is for PC and will also be available separately for consoles.

We still have a lot to tell you, you can find everything interesting here!

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