These galactic stars do not hide that they suffered from postpartum depression

These galactic stars do not hide that they suffered from postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a phenomenon that affects millions worldwide and it can have both physical and mental symptoms. Although many new parents treat their problem as a taboo, more and more Hungarian stars are embracing the difficulty of getting used to the new life situation. Radix Gigi was scared, and very worried about the baby, but then she gained a lot of self-confidence as a mom, Vivian Maddy and Gabe Toth cried a lot, and needed help, but Vagan Veraage and a well-known male DJ also admitted that the first period wasn’t easy with the baby.

Gigi Radix

Bella Sophia gave birth to Gigi Radix’s first little daughter in the fall. The singer loves her little daughter, she can hardly get it, but she revealed that, like many young mothers, she also suffered from postpartum depression. I got stronger, and gained more confidence as a mom, but I probably didn’t avoid post-pregnancy depression. I didn’t feel much strength, but that double feeling, love and anxiety might have been what happened inside of me, but fortunately I got over it, “he admitted.

Gabby Tooth

The singer told me three months after giving birth that she felt comfortable with the baby in the first trimester. When asked if she is over this difficult period, she answers bluntly: “Post-pregnancy depression, yes. There is no such thing as being a strong or weak woman. During this period, everyone’s hormones are affected, perhaps only there are those who can easily cope with moments of depression. But this is when everyone really lives on instinct, and that’s the most surprising thing about it. It is not by chance that a woman acted in this situation. Because even then, you feel how terrible how powerful we are and how good we can solve problems. After all, no matter how strong you are, hormones are kidding and you really need to be able to maneuver well. ”

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Source: Gabby Tooth, Instagram

She revealed that after Hanarosa’s birth, she would not have weathered the mood swings so quickly were it not for her husband, Gabor Crosses, and her mother. “I really depended on this help,” she recalls, “not pushing myself to solve everything because I needed them to be a perfect mother and wife.”

Madai Vivian

“It’s a topic every woman is ashamed of. Almost everyone goes into it,” the Mokka presenter told me two years after the baby was born. In Vivi Madai, postpartum, signs of depression appeared immediately after Zeno and her husband were taken home from the hospital.

“We didn’t go out well. I didn’t know how to get to you, what to tell you to do good. I felt it. I just cried and cried, and cried and cried. Because of you, but mostly because of myself. Everything and everyone, but most of all Why are you here? Why do we need this? Who are you? What do you want from me? I’m not ready for this! Go! I don’t want you to be here! You’re a burden and a columnist! Destroyed my life! I didn’t love you! Grandma saw something was wrong. She knew it wouldn’t It came, and she had to come, “she wrote on her blog at the time, addressed to her little boy.

I don’t need this kid! It could be you, you raise it! I mean that. I didn’t know what to do with the responsibility that was taken away from me and the immeasurable shame I felt for my thoughts. I would never have hurt you, but I was sure I wasn’t the one for you. He bluntly wrote “Not Me,” but has also told me several times since, after going through a tough time, how much I love motherhood.

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