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These four productions will definitely be there in the finals

These four productions will definitely be there in the finals

The 2022 Song semi-finals will return to the stage in an audio version on ten consecutive Saturday nights. Today the jury heard ten productions, and at the end of the evening, four of them advanced to the finals of the competition. Spectators could see great performances, and the task was not easy for a professional jury.

The competition on the Danube continued on Saturday evening with ten curated songs, with a professional jury of Katie Wolff, Missy Mizzo, Jergy Firenze and Peter Egre judging the productions. György Ferenczi was unable to be in the studio due to his illnessbut he was online from his home so he could tell us what he thinks of the songs.

Evening in Pancastic! The song “It Was a Long Summer” opened, which garnered much praise, although Mező Misi expected more from them. In the end, they managed to get a total of 33 points from the professional jury. The second artist was 17-year-old singer Sandor Szovi who arranged the song 21 Grams for the semi-finals. He said he still needed a theatrical routine, but his personality, voice, and reasoning scored 35 points.

Ya Ou reached the semi-finals with her song Zsákutca, but Mez still doesn’t like her the most, she thinks she wants to follow trends and not be unique, she wants to be similar to the songs she has already performed. György Ferenczi sympathizes with the performer, believes that his success is guaranteed, many will like him, and the vocal version may have brought the song closer to many. He got 31 points from the jury.

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Bilango’s song Ildikó Palágyi also reached the semi-finals, and the performance was expanded with a cello, but Katie Wolff didn’t like it very much. György Ferenczi highlighted the cello’s sound and uniqueness, and in the end they scored 34 points. They were followed by Third Planet and Dancing World, who took the first 40 points of the evening after much praise.

After the break, Ekanem, who reached the semi-finals with his song “Cold Wind”, arrived thanks to the spectators who saved him from the landing. Field Macy said the script was very powerful, which was well-accompanied and reinforced by the script, and Katie Wolff was more critical. The singer has 31 points.

The song “Aliz Half an Hour Summer” was also endorsed by the jury on the vocal version, described by Peter Igre as world-class, and according to Katie Wolff, he sang a giant, “drop the stars.” He finally got 36 jury points. Subtones and No Help elsewhere, according to the jury, were much better now than they were on the previous show, and this was reflected in their scores: They scored 39 points.

Listening to Bori Hegedűs and Erik Tempfli songs, Wolf Kati herself cried, praising Mother’s song and performance, but others only praised, giving the couple 38 points. Ibolya Oláh was the last to appear on stage in the song’s first semi-final with the song I Don’t Sell, and Misi Mez watched with envy, she would have liked to participate in the production.

Others can only say good things about it, they got 10 points from everyone, so Ibolya Oláh reached the final with a maximum of 40 points. There will also be a third planet of 40 points and 39 subtones points in the finale of the show. Bury Hegedus and Eric Tempfley were the fourth to come forward.

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Thus, the performers will be one step closer to “Song of the Year 2022” and four more shows will join the finals next week. A total of eight productions can go to the last live broadcast, which will be accompanied by the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

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