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We still have to wait a long time for the European updates, so they will only start in the first quarter of 2024. However, in China, the updates are well underway, and the weekly public beta has already been released, but HyperOS is still waiting for a release. Stable. But fortunately, the phones that will receive it first have already been revealed.

Weekly betas are those that are released and tested by fans on a weekly basis. Hence the stable version is born, which is released approximately every 2-3 months. Well, the EEA version known to us is made of this, and so far we have received this from MIUI. The stable version of global and European HyperOS get the same version number, MIUI looked like this: V14.0.4.0.TGBEUXM. However, HyperOS is getting a slightly different version:

So, the stable build number of HyperOS doesn’t reveal which version of Android it has, but based on the screenshots, the phones that can be updated to Android 14 have it in the first place. It is possible that in the future HyperOS compatible with Android 13 will also be available for older models.

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Stable HyperOS releases

Not long ago, some information emerged from the HyperOS code, which contains the phones’ codename and software version number. Among them are 2 Europeans, 3 Chinese and one international. more accurate:

  • Chinese stable: Xiaomi Pad 6 MAX, Redmi K60 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Ultra
  • Global stable: Xiaomi 12T
  • EEA Stable: Xiaomi 12T, Xiaomi 13T

So for us, the Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 13T are important, and they both get Android 14! They have already been tested, internally of course, but that does not mean that they will be the first to be released. Since there are still 2-3 months before this becomes an official thing in Europe and in any case it will be released first in China. be patient!

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