These electric taxis no longer need to be delivered

These electric taxis no longer need to be delivered

Volvo and its partners are trying to evaluate the possibility of wireless charging of electric cars in real-world conditions in a pilot project to equip XC40 Recharge taxis with appropriate charging technology. During the three-year programme, Cabonline, one of the largest taxi companies in the Scandinavian region, will operate a small fleet of electric vehicles in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The pilot project is aligned with the city’s Green City District Strategic Initiative, which identifies specific areas for developing and testing technologies related to sustainability.

The chargers are provided by Momentum Dynamics, one of the leading experts in induction charging solution. Via a special receiver, the all-electric Volvo XC40 can absorb 40 kW, nearly four times what the on-board charger allows during AC charging. Drivers have no choice but to park completely on top of the asphalt charging platform using the 360° car camera system, and charging will start automatically.

The cars are scheduled to remain in service for more than 12 hours a day and will cover about 100,000 kilometers per year.

Caponline isn’t the first such venture to launch wireless Jaguar I-Pace taxis in Oslo in 2020, and Momentum Dynamics still provides the charger.

Wireless electric vehicle charging is no longer just a dream, with Chinese and South Korean automakers already offering a vehicle that can be powered in this way. Moreover, a WiTricity announced recentlyThat he would soon be able to reshape electric cars on the roads, so almost anyone who could engineers who could make his car fit for this intervention could order wireless charging.

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